EveKnows.com is a porn search engine. Our technology automatically searches millions of web sites containing adult pictures so you can find exactly what you're looking for. The site is fast and minimalist, works great on mobile devices, and is entirely private. We aim to help you surf your porn efficiently and with peace of mind.

Find everything except…

The minus sign (-) eliminates galleries from search results. For example, to find all of our picturess of Liz Vicious except for her Raven Riley lesbian sets, search for liz vicious -riley; you'll get a list of all of Liz's picturess except for the ones containing Riley. Note that there should not be a space between the minus sign and the word you want to avoid.

Find an exact phrase

Put quotation marks (") around your search to find the exact phrase, and nothing else. For example, searching for "shaved pussy" will only display picturess containing the word "shaved" followed by the word "pussy". This is especially useful for finding specific porn stars.

Advanced search options

Normally, searching for multiple words (e.g., redhead freckles) will only show results that include all of your search terms (e.g., galleries that contain both the word "redhead" and the word "freckles"). You can search for galleries containing one word or another word by including a pipe (|) between them. For example, searching for redhead | freckles will find galleries containing either "redhead" or "freckles".

You can get even fancier by using parentheses to group search terms. For example, searching for (redhead | freckles) (18 | 19) will find galleries containing either "redhead" or "freckles" that also contain either "18" or "19".

Search other websites

You can search for picturess from a specific website by using the site: modifier. For instance, searching for site:wj-nude-lesbians.com teen will display all pictures galleries hosted on http://wj-nude-lesbians.com that contain the word "teen".

The tgp: modifier allows you to search pictures galleries linked to by a specific TGP (or any other web site). For example, the query tgp:pinkworld.com redhead will return all of the redhead pictures galleries listed on the TGP Pinkworld.com.

Removing a gallery from our search results

If you are the copyright holder for a gallery that you'd prefer we not link to, use our DMCA form to request its removal.

Preventing galleries from appearing in our search results

If you host adult galleries and prefer that we neither crawl nor link to them, you can tell our web crawler to ignore your site using the standard robots.txt file. For details, see our web crawler page.

Surf safely

Violet Blue has written an excellent guide to safe porn surfing at www.tinynibbles.com/privacy. While EveKnows.com does everything possible to prevent malicious sites from appearing in our search results, Violet's guide remains highly recommended reading.