Our web crawler continually searches the Internet for pr0n, identifying itself with a user-agent of "Caroline". If you run a website and would prefer that we do not crawl or link to your pages, you can instruct our crawler to ignore your website: just add "CarolineBot" to the list of disallowed user-agents in your robots.txt file (we follow Google's robots.txt specifications). You'll still see Caroline initially visit your site, but it won't follow any links and won't add your page to our search results.

Once Caroline determines that one of your pages may contain adult pictures or tubes, it will download a few images (or a video) to create thumbnails and save the URL to your web page. It will run some additional tests to ensure your page is really porn-related and safe for people to browse (e.g., no malware or excessive advertising). If all these tests pass, your page will start to appear in our search results within a day or two.

If you want us to include your pages in our search results, here are some tips to ensure they are crawled successfully:

If you'd like to talk to us about our web crawler, please use our feedback page.