Four Wildest Kinks For God-level Sex

 Our sex lives are widely determined by sexual preferences and thus our performance is guided by those choices. And just like all other things sex life also lose its spark with time if not taken care of properly. First and foremost if your partner is on the same page as you in fantasies, kinks and of course the level of horniness, the chances of your sex life being dull are quite low already. Having a hypersexual or horny mate is a blessing only when you reflect the same urge too, otherwise, that would be a mess. And luckily if you are a horny couple, experimenting with these steamy kinks will boost your sex life. So let’s get started.




  1. Food play

You can introduce anything and everything to see if you are kinky enough and have a creative mind. Sex is all about the feeling of rawness of skin and flesh against each other and the feeling gets intensified with a sensual tongue game. Next time when things get heated up get some ice cream, liquid chocolate or wine. Pour the wine into the pit of her collarbone and slurp it from the back while your fingers slowly go in and out her wet pussy. The sensual touch of your tongue will make your girl shiver out of pleasure. For more such ideas, you can visit met-art teens.



  1. Ice and Wax play

You might be thinking that how can one use two opposite elements together during sex? Well, not necessarily always but ice and wax duo can potentially lead to the wildest sexual experience of your life. Tie your partner's hands and legs wide apart, then slowly drop hot wax on her lower abdomen. Take an ice cube and then circle it around the drops of wax. Put another cube deep inside your partner's pussy and watch her going insane and begging you to fuck her.



  1. Double penetration

Double penetration is those guys' favourites who get pleasure by pleasing their mates. And a threesome is not necessarily needed to fulfil your double penetration kink. Some couples are not really into threesomes but the idea of getting fucked in both holes simultaneously is a huge turn-on for most girls. Besides your big fat dick, use a dildo to penetrate the other hole. Or you can use two to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time. To make it more intense, use a vibrator or ask her to use it to stimulate the clitoris. No way your slut can resist an overflooded orgasm.



  1. Blindfold

Blindfolding your mate can alone intensify the heat during the foreplay and sex. Once her vision is blocked it makes her other sensory organs more sensitive, especially skin. And the suspense along with sensitivity work hand in hand in erotic sex. If you are a sadist, you can use a blindfold as an instrument to torture your girl by simply not performing the actions she is predicting you to do. Or you may experiment with all the over mentioned kinks besides blindfolding simultaneously. For more kinky ideas you can visit nubiles galleries.


Wrapping up

The best pair in bed becomes when there's no such idea of grossness existing between two people when nothing feels repulsive of each other whether it's their sweat, cum or urine. And that makes two extremely ordinary human beings the god and goddess of sex.